Sunday, April 7, 2024

Interview with Conrad Black

 As many of you know, I was a frequent caller to Bill Bennet’s Morning in America and he and I had a number of conversations on air. When he gave up that show, and many of us still miss it, he began a podcast, The Bill Bennet show, which I listen to. He has some great guests, many who were previous guests on his radio show.

And once a month he hosts Victor Davis Hanson and Lord Conrad Black. Very informed conversations.

Conrad Black has just authored another book, and I got an opportunity to talk to him about it.

The Political and Strategic History of the World: From the Origins of Government to the Present

Volume I From Antiquity to the Death of the Emperor Augustus Caesar Earliest Times to 14 A.D.

The Political and Strategic History of the World, Vol I: From Antiquity to the Caesars, 14 A.D. covers great swathes of time beginning with the earliest written records of the Hebrews, Sumerians, Babylonians, Egyptians, and the ancient East, through the rise of the Greeks and Persians, the conquests of Alexander the Great, and then the rise of Rome, culminating in the Augustan Empire. The great men and women of the ancient world are portrayed with admiration (or opprobrium) and always with a dash of humor and the perspective that only someone as widely read and deeply learned as Lord Black can deliver. This is a landmark history which will stand together with Gibbon, Mommsen, Prescott, and Churchill among the greatest histories of the world ever written.

I interviewed Conrad about his book and we also discussed some current events, not to the degree I hoped so I'll be having him back again.

Conrad and I have a few things thing in common. One is that we are both former newspaper publishers.
He did it on a slightly larger scale than I did.  😁

You might enjoy the conversation. We did.

Your American Heritage 4 6 2024


  1. You KNOW I want to read that book! With a small hope I checked the audio site I buy from to see if it were there. Sadly, no, but I can understand why. Having just finished Nixon in Winter - a 17-hour read - I'm reminded how much we learn about history through biography and the stories of people. I wonder if this is one I could read or summarize out loud to Mr. B? His book on Canada looks good too. I added it to my audio list.

    So much happens by 'chance' and I've often thought about the Duke's assassin and him being on the wrong street. Re: WW1: I blame the Austrians more.

    He's right about our southern border. We all know it's invasion. I've likened it to the pressure into the Roman empire too. What Michael Yon calls the HOP - human osmotic pressure. I'm glad you asked about the C-P question. From Wiki: "The strategy aims to utilize "militant anti poverty groups" to facilitate a "political crisis" by overloading the welfare system." Looks like what we're seeing as part of a whole package to me to de-stabilize. Yes, it's contemptible scheming with low-life 'leadership' of activists and THESE critters:

    I find his view on Ukraine interesting. I don't believe Russia would have gone in if Biden weren't in the WH. I think it's over NATO and I'd like to hear his thoughts. Russia is a cross between western and oriental. The power looks west but has deep roots in central Asia.

    1. If you have Kindle Reader, the desk top version will read the text to you. Not quite an Audible book.
      I've done this with PDFs and a pdf reader on my phone.
      Not perfect but helpful.

  2. When the Court Room is in New York City, whose population is overwhelmingly Ultra-Liberals, and Ultra- Democrats, and Ultra Moronic-Progressives and which has been bombarded by over TEN years of negative Trump propaganda by a multi-media onslaught by an industry that the Progressive Communist Democrats like the Ultra-Big-Mouthed Attorney General Letitia James, and the District Attorney is the Corrupt Alvin Bragg, who has never seen a Criminal that he didn’t like The jury pool is going to be overwhelming Anti-Trump, and THERE IS VERY LITTLE CHANCE FOR A FAIR TRIAL. Of course, the Judge refused to consider a change in venue lest he lose his spotlight and an Anti-Trump jury.
    And let us not forget that we have a President of these United States who is doing whatever possible to both kept Donald Trump OFF the ballet entirely, and to tie Mr. Trump up in Court so much that it would make it IMPOSSIBLE for him to even Campaign
    The instrument of prosecution, or more aptly, persecution, is the torturing of the law, intertwining federal and state, civil and criminal, law in a way never seen before--all with the single goal of crippling Donald Trump’s candidacy for the President of the United States.
    The significant low-life players arrayed against Trump are the grotesquely compromised Judge Juan Merchan and a similarly compromised Alvin Bragg, the New York County District Attorney.

    The case is simple to understand. A time-barred, dead misdemeanor was incorrectly massaged into a felony charge by progressive communist democrats to cripple a Trump presidency.

    At the heart of the matter, we find a legal non-disclosure agreement, commonly used in all public and private venues and governed under state laws, has been criminalized by a bastard interpretation of the law using an impermissible federal law to allow the criminal interpretation of civil law. In essence, former president Donald Trump falsified business documents (governed under state law) to hide salacious information from voters and boost his electoral prospects (an election matter under federal law) in the 2016 presidential election. Even legal scholars do not understand the never-before-used legal theory behind the prosecution’s case.

    Further evidence of political interference with a presidential campaign…

    Judge Merchan demands Trump’s daily attendance, or he could be jailed for contempt—no allowance for Barron’s graduation or an appearance at the U.S. Supreme Court and of course that would make his un-able to be on the Campaign trail

    Bottom line…
    The entire cases a farce, being done just to try and derail Donald Trump’s Presidential run. The looney left (and most but not all on these boards) will not try and beat Trump in a STRAIGHT UP FAIR, and HONEST ELECTION AT THE POLLS. Operating likethis is the exactly like the old Stalin days (minus the firing squads thought some ahole lefties may opt for that) show me the man and I will show you the crime. Of course the Democrats as we have seen don't take investigations as well as they think they dish them out

    Nobody understands how this case can exist, especially since a State Prosecutor, along with the Crooked State’s Attorney General is attempting to create a federal case to convict a political candidate of a state crime.

    What I would like to happen is as simple as one-two-three. One, the case is dismissed. Two, the City of New York is held accountable for the cost of the Trump defense, along with punitive fines. Third, the lawyers involved are disbarred for malfeasance and criminally prosecuted for election interference and voter disenfranchisement.

    In a sense, Trump stands up for US and the rule of law.
    New York is not the City that it once was, and we Republicans are screwed

  3. @CF: Please use your excellent analytical skills to respond to the interview. There is nothing I disagree with in your post. I could say the same myself, but would rather see you respond to the author being interviewed.

  4. It's nice of you to provide us with a link to such reading materials; however, if they were selling steamboats for a dime a dozen, all I could do is stand on the shore and shout "Ain't that cheap?"