Saturday, April 20, 2024

Talking Health Care with Dean Clancy


My guest today is Dean Clancy.
Dean is a health freedom advocate, policy analyst, consultant, opinion writer, and public speaker. He has more than twenty years’ high-level policy experience in Congress, the White House, and the U.S. health care industry. He works as a senior policy fellow at Americans for Prosperity. He’s also president and founder of 
HSAs for All, and a partner at Adams Auld LLC, a public policy consultancy.

We’re going to talk about Health Care Policy, but I have a feeling we will stray from that…

Your American Heritage 4 13 2024 with Dean Clancy



  1. O my, what a guest! I always wonder about "moving to Florida." Don't like humidity or hurricanes. (:

    I can't imagine the effort it will take to re-build trust with the medical system after the covid fiasco. But I disagree with your guest on this one point: it was NOT a mistake, from their perspective. Planned. They got most of what they wanted. Or got it in place for the next round. And they sifted the dissidents out of the military and public safety, keeping people more likely to "follow orders."

    I am in a health sharing plan where we share each others' expenses. Samaritan. Highly recommended. They regularly showcase non-system practicing doctors. And they link you to blue book prices for price transparency in your area.

    Basic single person insurance here (Los Angeles) was $600/month when I switched to Samaritan about 10 years ago. Within 3 years that plan was $1,000! And it was bare bones high deductible. I had an HSA when I worked for an employer. Sounds like they've changed. In the beginning, you could roll over money to the next year so you accumulated for surprise expenses. Then you couldn't. Had to forfeit it.

    Interesting conversation I had years ago with a very liberal employee of a client. I was putting money in an IRA. He said "well Smiths (his last name) have never been savers. And those IRAs are Republican bull shit." Think he's alone in this? He's at retirement age now. Think he's lobbying for taxes on YOUR retirement to cover his?

    "Doing evil is their full-time day job." That's our 'problem.' We don't belief in politics for meaning, and have a life. The man referenced above WAS into politics for meaning, always talking about his involvement in "presidential politics." (I think he chauffeured Clinton.)

    A notary public for an absentee ballot where he was a kid? Where did he live? Not, ever, in California. Now you know why we're in trouble here.

    OK - loved the 1980 Shogun series. Yes, a Mifune fan. Really liked Hell in the Pacific. Musashi Samurai trilogy. Samurai Rebellion.

    Just a comment on your closing. Yes, at one time you had to have "property" to vote. That rapidly morphed to more than real property. For example, a carpenter who owned the tools of his trade was considered to have property. Basically, it cut out the drifters and ne'er do wells.


    1. I love it when someone actually comments on the post :)

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  3. Ed,
    Let me get this right. Are you actually saying that the U.S. government is proposing to pay all of the people put out of work by the accident caused by a private ship owned by a private shipping company? Why doesn't this fall back on the shipping company that caused the accident?

    Down here in Texas , our Columbian-born County Judge Lina Hidalgo had her plan to institute a guaranteed (aka socialist) income at least temorarily blocked by the Texas Supreme Court.