Sunday, June 18, 2017

Father's Day

I have many memories of my dad.
A lot of them of him asleep in a chair in the evening after long hours providing for the family.
He and I were never friends or buddies as I was growing up.
Often, he was who my mom spoke of when she'd say:
"Wait til your father gets home.",
something I did not look forward to at those times.
But he transferred to me many of his positive qualities and I hear his voice when I speak.
That's not a bad thing.
I got to know him a lot better in the years before his death when we spent every Saturday together as the six months he was given to live stretched into six years.

I miss him, but I will see him again because of the grace and mercy of our mutual Father.


  1. Sorry to hear about the early years Ed. My dad spent a lot of time working, but in the off hours spent a lot of time teaching us 'stuff'. Those were really good times.

    1. Ed, I was #2. Respectfully you should tag your reply with the person you're responding to, as I just get your replay in an email and no idea who you're replying to unless I come back here. Not a huge deal, just a slight request.

    2. PS - I was # 2 of 5, #3 died within the first year - Linda - I never remembered her.

    3. Kid, sorry, in the blog format the replies are tied to the original comments. Unlike the format at Z's. I will try to comply, as this comment illustrates :)

  2. Ed, my experiences with my Dad were much the same as years. We eventually came to a mutual respect, but were never close. However, in his last six months, post-cancer diagnosis, we talked weekly via a web-cam which I installed for him.

  3. Sometimes I come out with a sentence, which on memory is nearly ad verbatim what the old man would have said, and at about the same chronological time in our lives. So that goes beyond genetic similarity and to an uncanny similarity of attitude and speech. This occurred even when I was drinking heavily, but I never put the pieces of conservatism together till I stopped drinking.

    1. Funny how that works.
      Also, my brother was a lib til he sobered up.
      I was til I stopped weed.

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  5. I suspect our Fathers were similar in many ways.
    "Do as I do" meant watch that I am providing for my family and you have a roof over your head, food in your belly, and clothing on your back.
    I wonder how much Hollywood had to play in our Dad's behavior? (Smoking?)
    I learned much from him and tried to do better.