Saturday, June 13, 2015

A Little About Me

I was interested in history at an early age.
In reading about the Revolutionary War period, I noticed the influence of "Pamphleteers".
These were guys who wrote short letters that were copied and passed around promoting their point of view and influencing the Body Politic.
Thomas Paine, John Jay, Noah Webster, George Mason, all shaped public opinion with short essays instead of long involved treatises or scholarly books.

I've always enjoyed writing, putting words together in a way to make them funny, thought-provoking, influential, etc.
I know people online, some I'm friends with, who have written books and stories I've read, some of which have been published.
Old NFO, Brigid, Jess, Steve H. Graham, Dana, etc.
I'm not good at plot or characterization.
I might write an autobiography or memoir someday, but most of the interesting parts I'm not proud of, or can't talk about.

I used to be a regular contributor to the Letters to the Editor page of the Detroit Free Press which was very similar to commenting on a popular blog. Of course it was better edited, meaning some editor thought that what I had to say deserved the limited real estate of the page it was printed on.

A few years ago, I was moved to write short tracts as advertising tools for promoting Christianity and our local church. I and others thought they were clever and I had them printed as business cards to be left around town.

Then I discovered blogging and found an outlet for my creative writing urge that didn't require the work and discipline required for a book, something I was not interested in writing.

I say all this to explain why this campaign I'm involved in, Your Voice Your Ad, is so meaningful to me.
I can create a short argument for being a conservative that I am forced to edit for time.
The contest portion of it, and my involvement in it, means that the more I progress in the competition, the more exposure my creation gets.
Am I proud? Yes I am. Am I insufferable? I'm afraid of getting that way.
I'm bugging a lot of people to vote for me in this contest, but I'm getting a lot of encouragement from co-workers who I'm discovering are sympathetic to conservatism, or becoming so.

I hope I'm having an influence on that.
If my ad wins, it will be produced and have air time nationally.
I've been told that my ads have been heard by the Republican presidential candidates and other powerful figures such as Reince Priebus.
Regardless of our feelings about some of these people and their motives, influence is good.

I need your votes again.
I'm in the final eight.
If you haven't, Please go to this link,
To the right of "I'm Your Neighbor", click "Send to Next Bracket",
then click "Submit My Vote".

Since I am in the final eight of this bracket competition, I received this email from the sponsor of the contest.

"Update: Voting among all 8 is close. If you want to move on, you have to work at it.
There seems to be a mini grassroots campaign behind every ad. When the votes are counted, don't get left out of the "DEBATE".
To move on, you will have to engage social media as well as friends and family.
Voting closes June 17th at Noon Eastern Time.
Good Luck and congrats for making it this far."

So once again, thank you for helping me to accomplish my goal.

I was on the local radio station today pimping plugging my ad.
Linda, the station manager, said they might have me as a regular feature and the station may play the ad through the week!
I am floored.
Segment here: The American Dream. 


  1. From your first appearance on Bennett, I've encouraged you push on. You've a right to be proud of your development. That pride will be even more justified when you find an acceptable way to admonish those who've lost their way.

    1. That may be my ad in the next contest.
      You've got me thinking.
      BTW, check out the update.

    2. That's a fine update. Also, great job following instructions! :D

  2. I don't think I get that station up here in Genesee County, but I just found it livestreamed. I'm gonna have to bookmark it if Ed is getting his own timee slot! Awesome job, and good luck advancing neighbor!