Monday, May 8, 2017

Trump's "Travel Ban" on Trial

The judge asks lawyers attacking Trump "travel ban": If anyone but Trump had put out this order, would you find a problem with it?
Answer: "No".
Are you kidding me? A law's legality rests on who issues it?
These are liberal lawyers and the way they attempt to think.
So much for blind justice.


  1. Scary.... this is what we have come to.

  2. We are so far in the hole.

  3. What the lawyer meant and framed poorly is that the bill might have otherwise passed muster if Lord Dampnut had not been vocal about banning Muslims.
    Another president might not have been so stupid and ham fisted and may have finessed the bill through.

    President Happy Hands is nothing if not stupid.

    1. Did you have your lips all pursed up like when you suck on lemons when you write these comments? Lol.
      Trump for 8 !

    2. Pretty much my point, Duck.
      Shouldn't matter what Trump said.
      The law should stand or fall on its own merits.
      Similar to hate crimes, where a murderer gets a longer sentence because he shouts an epithet before pulling the trigger.

    3. The Constitution is a living document.
      It means what progressive judges want it to mean.

  4. It was 'fine' when BO did it... sigh

  5. the courts are no different than the media, Hollywood, campuses and late night tv... full of obama hacks.