Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Inspector Mueller

FBI raids office, hotel room of Trump lawyer Michael Cohen

It's, until now, unheard of to seize the papers of a president in violation of attorney-client privilege.

Captain Ahab from Moby Dick.
Inspector Javert from Les Miserables.

Driven men who will let nothing stop them from their goal.

Pursuit to the abandon of good sense and justice.

Mueller is Inspector Javert.

You know it, I know it.

Prosecutors have a lot of discretion as who to prosecute.

They declined to prosecute Bill, Hillary, Obama, Lynch, et al.
They chose to prosecute Dinesh D'Souza.
Mueller chooses to prosecute Trump.

Presidents have a lot of discretion as to which prosecutors to fire.

I do not understand, especially after Cohen, the reticence of Trump, or the opposition from Repubs, to fire Mueller and Rosenstein. 

Sessions would be AG again. 

I don’t know if that is worthwhile though, although it would look less a bloodbath if he retained Sessions.

But fire Mueller. There is no political reason not to as Americans learn why:
He is out of control.


  1. A first year law student could easily produce a compelling prosecution for the violations of the Hatch Act. Knowing the supposed brightest legal minds in the Federal Government are ignoring the violations only proves a willingness to ignore law for political gain.

  2. I agree with your assessment of Mueller's selective prosecutorial
    over-zealousness. I'd like to ask Joe deGenova or Victoria Toensing the legal pros and cons of Trump firing Mueller and Rosenstein. I trust their judgement.

  3. It is hard to believe this will be solved by voting.

    1. While I do not shirk the task, someone must stand up and lead, and I may fear the result of that more.

  4. Get rid of Sessions too. I agree with Trump. He fumbled and lost the ball on the goal line. As for Javert, I am not familiar with Les Miserables. In fact, I couldn't be more miserable with this political climate and culture.

    1. Check the film version with Hugh Jackman. Really good.

  5. The problem is the repubs don't do the same.

    1. He's after the Access Hollywood tape!?!?
      Hey Mueller! Over here! Uranium One! Really! Take a look!