Sunday, May 17, 2020

Flynn Was NOT Unmasked. Never Masked At All.

Last post, I reported on Dan Bongino's claims that Flynn was not unmasked, because he was never masked in the first place.
The unmasking was a ploy to hide how the content was really come by.

Now Andy McCarthy digs into it in a very clear manner:

Unmasking? The Real Story Is When Flynn Was Not Masked in the First Place

Highlights (from the article):

The Chronology
Grenell’s list notes an unmasking request for Flynn on December 28, 2016 — weirdly, by the U.S. ambassador to Turkey. There are no unmasking requests on December 29, the date of the Kislyak call. Nor is there one during the week after that. In fact, the next listed unmasking occurred on January 5, 2017. That one is attributed to President Obama’s chief of staff, Denis McDonough. This highlights how central that day is to the anatomy of the Democrat-crafted “collusion” narrative. It was on the morning of January 5 when Obama, Vice President Biden, and National Security Advisor Susan Rice discussed Flynn and the Trump–Russia investigation with FBI director James Comey and acting attorney general Sally Yates.

Yet we know that participants in that meeting already knew about Flynn’s identity as Kislyak’s interlocutor. The exhibits attached to the Justice Department’s motion to dismiss the Flynn case relate that Comey’s deputy, Andrew McCabe, knew about it no later than January 3, the day he briefed Mary McCord, who ran the Justice Department’s National Security Division. Plus, Yates recalled being surprised that Obama already knew about the Flynn–Kislyak call (and, in fact, is the one who told Yates about it). Clearly, the news had been percolating at the highest levels of the Obama administration for at least a couple of days, although it may not yet have made its way down to Joe Pientka, the FBI case agent on Trump–Russia, who on January 4 signed off on a memo closing the FBI’s Flynn counterintelligence investigation (“Crossfire Razor”).

To summarize, the list provided by Grenell indicates no unmasking of Flynn between December 28 (the day before the call) and January 5, even though news of Flynn’s identification was already circulating on January 3 (when McCabe briefed McCord about it).


The CIA and Non-FISA Intel Ops
Well, the possibility that first leaps to mind is: Maybe Flynn was a FISA surveillance target. That is, his interception was not incidental. Rather, the FBI was monitoring him under FISA because he was a suspected agent of a foreign power — the theory based on which the bureau opened their counterintelligence investigation of Flynn in August 2016. But that can’t be right. After an exhaustive investigation of the FBI’s abuse of FISA, Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz concluded that there is no evidence the FBI “requested or seriously considered FISA surveillance of . . . Flynn.” (IG Report’s “Executive Summary,” p. vi.)

It is more likely, then, that the Flynn–Kislyak call was captured by intelligence operations that are not governed by FISA.


Flynn was either tapped by the CIA or a "friendly" foreign agency.
It's hard to say which would be worse of all three options.

Please read the article in full.

BTW, we had a great radio show yesterday:
Gaylene Deitering, Ed Bonderenka and Phil Stargell interview former federal judge Professor William Wagner of the Great Lakes Justice Center.
We discuss the ramifications of the lockdown.


  1. This is a stain on America as a whole. Unfortunately, to those who foolishly believe in FakeNews, they don't give a hoot. Trump Derangement Syndrome is their blinding light.

    But as Mustang points out a number of times, we ended up with this bogus "leadership" on account of these blinded voters. Liberal-loving social media also plays a big part.

    Those still supporting Dementia Joe and the Dems are beyond cure. As such, us truth supporters must get out in November and vote out these fraudsters who do it for personal enrichment and lolitical gain.

    1. The blessing of democracy is choosing your representatives.
      The curse of democracy is others choosing your representatives.

  2. Flynn was a great general. Whenever someone is really good as something, he ought to stick with it. Converting himself from great general to mediocre politician, and then earning the ire of the Clinton/Democratic cartel, made Flynn a target. It was a self-inflicted wound. Today, Flynn is no longer remembered as a great general. Today, he's a victim of an unjust judicial system. What has happened to Flynn offers the rest of us a teaching moment. I wish Flynn well. I hope he's learned his lesson, which is that American politics for an honest man has an expensive price tag.

    1. I've been given the opinion that Flynn would have cleaned house as NatSecAdvisor. Or make a good DNI.

  3. and yet obama golfs. he will never be made to pay for his crimes.

    1. Hussein does golf, but he uses a pencil with an eraser on it. Of all the words that might be used to describe Obama, integrity is not one of them. You're right, though ... Obama and a host of other "on high" personalities will never be held to account. Much has been written about how violent the Old West was (I write about this at one of my blogs), and it's true. But at least back then America had justice ... violence was only the price tag.

    2. I don't know. Barr said that Obama and Biden were not targets.
      That may be the political (and true) thing to say.
      My hope is that they will be inescapably collateral damage.