Saturday, September 19, 2020

A Discussion Regarding Court Rulings on Lockdowns and the Death of The Notorious RBG

 On today's show, David Kallman of Kallman Legal Group and The Great Lakes Justice Center explains the case before the Michigan Supreme hoping to stop Governess Gretchen Whitmer from judicial and legislative overreach and the Federal ruling freeing Pennsylvania.

In the second half David and I and callers discuss the preceding and also the death of the Notorious RBG.

You can listen here. Your American Heritage

I highly recommend it.
Some great calls, too.

Here is a link to an article about the Pennsylvania case we discussed.

"The Commonwealth has announced it will appeal the decision. If it stands, the ruling will require the Commonwealth to adopt more narrowly tailored, specific standards and then, once adopted, to apply those standards uniformly within similarly situated geographic areas.

Unlike the few earlier cases where judges limited gubernatorial power under state constitutions, Judge Stickman found that Pennsylvania’s virus mitigation efforts violated the U.S. Constitution; thus, his opinion arguably raises issues that could impact COVID-19 mitigation orders nationwide. "